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Additionally, the peripherals, such as printers, software, label printers, and other software and hardware are programmed with GB2312-80 as the internal code. Even if Windows 95/98/NT/2000 Chinese is designed with GBK as the internal code, it is GB2312-80 compatible.

GB2312-80 defines 6763 Chinese characters and 682 symbols, and most of the characters are simplified Chinese. GB12345-90 corresponds to GB2312-80. Virtually, GB12345-90 remains as traditional Chinese characters, but its code sequence matches GB2312-80. Also, over 100 multi-to-one Chinese characters are added.Arphic now introduces nearly 100 sets of simplified/traditional Chinese characters conforming to the GB2312-80 rule.

We have text font, calligraphy font, and artistic font, and the supported typeface range from TrueType, PostScript, to VCFT of Arphic. Moreover, Arphic boldface with font frame is officially approved by the authorities.

Chinese International Code Specification
Chinese Internal Code Specification is usually known as GBK. GBK Team was formed in October 1995, and in the same year, the team completed the specification of GBK in December. All the Chinese characters and code positions of GB2312-80 have been adopted in the GBK, and it covers all the 20902 Chinese characters in Unicode, as well.

Altogether, the GBK collects 883 symbols and 21003 Chinese characters, and provides 1894 code positions to generate characters. In terms of GB2312-80, the coding of GBK exactly corresponds to the code sequences and font faces of GB-2312. Thus, as long as documents, files, and programs accord with GB2312-80, they are expected to run normally on the systems meeting GBK. At present, MS Windows 95/98/NT/2000 for simplified Chinese is programmed with GBK as the internal code. Meanwhile, characters of GBK correspond with those of Unicode one by one, in that GBK comprises all the CKJ Chinese characters used in Unicode.

Arphic has launched four sets of font faces, Stdmingti Medium, Stdkaiti Medium, and Fongsung Medium, according with GBK. Also, we provide bitmap font, TrueType, PostScript, and various types as such.

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