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visa in china
Envoyé par: Sendlulu (Adresse IP journalisée)
Date: mer. 20 juin 2012 22:34:12
General information for obtaining a visa China

Passport (more than 6 months), a photo ID and fill out a form.
The original and a photocopy of the residence permit is required for foreigners who are not French.
To obtain a business visa to China you will also need an invitation letter.
To obtain a tourist visa for China are usually asked to submit a copy of the ticket and the hotel.
The time needed to obtain a visa for China is normally 5 working days.
Issue costs of the visa is € 35 in cahs for 1 person, 50 euros for 2.
The visa may be issued urgently within 4 days, an extra 20 euros or 30 euros must then be paid according to the urgency.
Visa applications by mail are not accepted, but may be made by a third party or by specialist agencies.
No vaccinations are required for Europeans, but an AIDS test and a medical examination is mandatory for those who will stay in China more than 1 year.

Visa for Tibet

To get to Tibet, you must obtain special permission. Conditions change (learn) but it is usually asked to leave with at least one other person of your nationality (the solo trip to Tibet is in principle not allowed).

Visa for Hong Kong

The French are exempt from entry visa to Hong Kong for a holiday of less than 90 days.
For more information about HK you can contact the Immigration Department of Hong Kong (Immigration Tower, 7 Gloucester Road, Wan Chai Hong Kong Tel: 852 28246111/28293437, Fax: 852 28241133, Website: [www] . info.gov.hk /).
Hong Kong counts as an output of China (which will render your visa expire if it is"1 entry" and prevent you from returning there again). You can ask a multi-entry visa or choose to go to Hong Kong before going to China (France -> Hong Kong -> China) or expand your number of entries from China ...

For more informations, please visit [www.guidepekin.com]

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Re: visa in china
Envoyé par: Simonshanghai (Adresse IP journalisée)
Date: sam. 15 septembre 2012 01:35:02

il existe des très bons sites qui vous facilitent les démarches de visa pour la Chine (INS Blog Consulting.Ce site peut également s'occuper de vos réservations d'hôtel ou billet d'avion, bref , vous épargner les démarches administratives pour que vous puissiez pleinement profiter de votre voyage.


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Re: visa in china
Envoyé par: Charmante (Adresse IP journalisée)
Date: mar. 16 juillet 2013 08:49:03
J’adore ! Un site sur lequel on ne voit pas le temps passer !!
Merci à vous !
voyance par mail gratuite ,
voyance gratuite par mail

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